Making place for its name, VALORANT

After the well-established title in the field of E-Sports, League of Legends (LoL), RIOT recently hit the E-Sports Community with another stem-winding title, VALORANT.
This 5v5 FPS-Shooter game isn’t just action packed but also manages to keep the players and spectators on the edge of their seat.

VALORANT has a different vibe. From its interface to its graphics, optimization, and its lore, which for the fact isn’t officially revealed by the developers, yet the game unravels more of story which we’ll discuss later on this thread.  



Developers have very efficiently selected the core and the essence of this game. This game has selectively handpicked some of the very essential and interesting features from different E-Sports all-time hits, like OVERWATCH, APEX, and not to forget the primordial E-Sports GAME, which has captured countless players within its grips, COUNTER STRIKE.  

A basic 5v5 first person shooter with DEFENDERS and ATTACKERS based game play. This game has their own explosive device, SPIKE, which has to be planted by attackers and defenders will try to defend attackers by not letting that happen. Sounds easy!? Well it drastically changes when team has different AGENTS pushing to win the game.  

The difference of this game from CS: GO, it has got set of AGENTS who have different roles, with special ability as well, from resurrection to LOCKING DOWN THE PLACE (definite). Sounds fun right? Its way more dramatic than it sounds.  

With the release of this new title, player bases of many games have been affected. From long running Valve’s (money generator) CS: GO, to EA’s flash hype, APEX Legends. People are preferring to spend time on this new title over other competitive games.  


While it’s formal predecessor, CS: GO had difficulty explaining its matchmaking factors, which often tended to put different rank groups in a same matchmaking, and led to a disastrous and grievous ending, from abandoning players to toxic and salty teammates. But VALORANT had this figured out from the beginning, and they made it very clear how their MMR (Match Making Rating) worked. It’s majorly focused on individual performance which helps player improving their own gameplay rather than being disappointed on their teammates. Yet not everything can be perfect. Hence the rank disparity had its own flaws in the beginning, which after a recent major update, got fixed to an extent.



As RIOT is famous for keeping everything is the same universe, yet this game has somehow managed to make its own space in some other universe. Some particular in-game elements indicate that the world of VALORANT is set in our universe but forward in time. Evidence for my words? While loading any map, there are some specific co-ordinates written just below the map name, and if you search those co-ordinates in map, it will point to the locations like Tokyo, Japan (SPLIT), coast of Rabat, Morocco (BIND), and so on. Hence, this indicates towards the existence of different universe other than RUNETERA (LoL). Excited ? 34°2’A’ N 6°51’Z’ W : Coordinates to BIND map. check this out if it falls on the exact location or not!

Also, if you pay attention, characters like Cypher, and Reyna also mention about defending their cities which indicates that good and bad sides are fighting over something, more like land for extension of industry, I.e. Kingdom Corp.
Another interesting build-up that game is throwing at players and fans, is the existence of multi-verse. One specific mention that I put here is Omen saying something that makes it vividly clear that he is aware of another Omen’s existence. ” There is another of me. How many times did I get ripped apart? How many times did I die? “. 

The more you invest time in finding some small details in this game towards its lore, the more it will drag you in.
Spoiler/Hint: Check out Defender’s spawn in Bind map. On your way to A site, there is a poster that’s on the wall. Maybe it will appear in future as new character. 


Competitive gaming being infamous for insane number of cheaters. VALORANT has its ground firm so far with a good anti-cheat barrier, RIOT VANGUARD. Despite of the fact that initially it received good amount of criticism for its behavior, and the fact that you need to restart your PC once you forcefully terminate it. But it has proved to be a good Iron wall for hackers, at-least so far.  

With the graphic optimization, to the regular maintenance, it is receiving all the love, support, hate and satisfactory response from gamers.  

We expect to see same amount of dedicated content in order to keep this game a LIVE PLACE FOR GAMER.  

Aaaah. Come on, bruv! Like it was gonna happen any other way” -Phoenix, Valorant 

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