Nokia Pure Book x14 Review and Quick Specs

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 As stated earlier, a laptop means different things to different people. It’s their primary computer; for others, it’s a compliment to their pc. For some, it’s a netbook, and for others, it’s a gaming machine.

To escape our worldly words, but what is the pure book x14? It is an ultralight machine that weighs in at around 1.1 kg. It has a respectable tension core i5 processor 10 to 10u capable of breezing through most day-to-day activities.

Our unit here has 8 gigs of ddr4 ram and an ultra-fast 512 gig SSD. Please note that this is in partnership with Walmart owned Flipkart.


The Nokia pure book x14 is a solid feeling device. It’s made of magnesium alloy. There is a rubberized coating that makes it insanely comfortable to hold. 

In use, it feels premium, and there is no creaking whatsoever, but the show stopper it’s how light this feels, guys I know how it is to read 1kg on paper, but it’s a whole other thing to experience it in real life. It feels super light.


The 14-inch full HD IPS panel is a pleasure to use with good colors excellent viewing angles. The screen can be tilted back to lie nearly flat and note that I said it goes to almost 140 degrees, and there is virtually no color shift impressive display. 

Nokia claims that the viewing angles are good for a whopping 178 degrees. Okay, it’s worth noting that the weight does have a downside. The Nokia pure book x14 did not pass one finger openly test.


So that’s there; another feather in the cap is that the display supports Dolby’s vision for nice vivid picture quality. 

And that leads me into the companion feature, Dolby atmos, so picture and sound like salt and pepper. The speakers are pretty good nice, and loud, above the average tonal balance and deep bass. 

This makes it ideal for media consumption, like watching youtube videos. 


Speaking of the trackpad, it’s decently sized, and it’s fairly responsive.

The trackpad seems clicky and has good palm rejection gestures that seem to work as well as advertised. 

So the experience appears to be mostly good. The keyboard though that was a mixed bag.

The keys themselves are large larger than on most ultrabooks. But the spacing could have been better now.

This leads to a few typos here and there, but the keys do have a nice 1.4-millimeter travel, and that should do typing on it satisfying.

Backlighting is the icing on the cake. Do note that this is not RGB. I don’t mind if I do like the understated look of this laptop. 


The Nokia pure book x14 has windows hello authentication on board. The cheapest webcam to support this is priced at about 5000 rupees. So this is a secure face unlock that utilizes dedicated or hardware.

So the fact that it is present here seems to be a big positive that said the webcam itself is well okay. It’s not going to blow your mind or anything. But for the regulation, skype or zoom calls, it should get the job done.

The pure book x14 comes with 64-bit windows 10 home, and that is what you’re going to be using for them calls. 


The hinge on the pure book it’s not perfect, but it is good. Do you guys remember how we talked about the screen going back to nearly 140 degrees? 

Well, it feels a little top heavy. I would have liked the hinges to be a hair tighter. It’s not a deal-breaker or any or anything because it’s fine with most situations.

When we turn the pure book over, we see a mesh grill or heat dissipation and the CPU fan to vent the heat out. 

And while we are here, let’s also take a look at the i o, and it’s quite robust to the right. We have a barrel charging port that charges the 46.7 watt-hour battery via the 65 wattage adapter.

We then have a full-sized HDMI USB 3 and a type c port. There’s ethernet USB 2, another USB 3, and finally a composite headphone and microphone jack to the left.

I’m super happy with the i o my only nitpick would have been the barrel type charger in 2020-2021. You know everyone’s moving on to type c, so I feel like this is a missed opportunity. 

Maybe they could have gone with type c they already have a type c port. They could have gone with type c for charging.

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