Must-Have iPad Pro 2020 Accessories

Must-Have iPad Pro 2020 Accessories

Must-Have iPad Pro 2020 Accessories for enhancement of iPad OS experience

PaperLike Screen Protector

paperlike screen guard

For serious sketchers …
Artists all over the world love the improved precision and tactile feel of using Paperlike. It’s optimized to create the ideal amount of friction for extended drawing sessions and the right stroke resistance for optimal accuracy. So instead of sliding your Apple Pencil around on the glass surface, it feels just like a page in your sketchbook.

For busy professionals…
The iPad has become invaluable at work. Whether you’re annotating drafts, taking notes, or sketching out your big ideas… add an Apple Pencil and you have a powerful tool for business. With Paperlike you can take things to the next level, reduce muscle fatigue caused by writing on a glass tablet, and make your iPad feel just like a notebook. All while keeping the convenience of digital.

ESR Yippee Magnetic Smart Case

esr yippee magnetic smart case

USB C hub for iPad Pro

type c USB hub

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio

Smart Keyboard FolioThe Smart Keyboard Folio for the 11-inch iPad Pro is a full-size keyboard when you need it to be, provides elegant front and back protection when you don’t, and allows for convenient viewing angles. And with no charging or pairing required, just attach the keyboard and start typing.

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