MIUI 12 Remove Ads: How to Get Rid of Spam on Redmi Note 9 Pro, Other Xiaomi Phones

MIUI 12 Remove Ads: How to Get Rid of Spam on Redmi Note 9 Pro, Other Xiaomi Phones

If you’re a MIUI 12 user and your notification shade is full of notifications, it’s time to get a deep cleanse. And this is how you remove ads from MIUI 12

One thing to mention over here is that there’s no one-tap solution to turn off all ads in MIUI 12, at least in its global build, but if you do come across any ideas or any way to turn it off just with a single tap, do let us know in the comments and do help the community out there. 

Here is the list of apps that we will be disabling later on-

  • Downloads
  • File Manager
  • Music
  • Security
  • Themes

Okay, so let’s start by cutting a few things at source-


We go to settings, then passwords and security and then, authorization and revocation. Here you will have to disable MSA or miui system ads. 

Remember, you will be required to turn on your internet connection for revoking. Then you will be greeted with a prompt that will have a six-second timer, and then after that, you would be able to cancel the permission. After this, you’ll have to scroll down a bit and then disable get apps as well. 


You have to go back to settings, go to password and security, and then select privacy scroll down a bit. And then, you will come across add services and disable personalized ad recommendation. This will turn off data collection to give you more relevant ads.


Now first up downloads, open the app, tap on the hamburger menu, and select settings. Now disable the toggle to show recommended content. You will get a prompt here and select okay; the file manager again opens the app tap on the top left corner’s hamburger menu.

Now go to about and then disable recommendations. Now it’s time to disable ads in the music app. Open the app and then the hamburger menu and then open service and settings, select advanced settings and then disable show ads. 

You can also disable other recommendations here, like online recommendations on startup and song recommendations. But that’s on you because disabling this will only turn off data sharing with these apps and not turn off specific ads because you have already done that before now for the security app open the app and then tap on the settings button now disable receive.


Recommendations disabling notifications from the themes the app open the app and then go to my page.


And then disable the toggle for show ads. Now some default folders such as tools and more apps tend to show you promoted apps. When you open them, you can disable them by merely opening such a folder and then long-pressing on the name of the folder to rename it.

You will find a toggle switch over here that turns off promoted apps. A few times, when you get notifications from non-app features to disable these, swipe left on the notification in the shade. 

And then tap on the Settings icon and then disable the switch that sends you notifications from that service. You can also go to settings and then select notifications and then scroll down a bit to disable ads from individual apps even if they are not from MIUI 12


Now for the bonus tip, you know-how whenever you install a new app, that pop-up screen comes up, and then at times, it also contains some ads. Yeah, you can turn it off with straightforward steps.

All you have to do is open the security app, tap on Settings, and then security scan. Now you have to disable scan before installing. This will ensure that you don’t get to see that scanner with ads when you are installing an app. 


And that is basically how you turn off ads in MIUI 12. Sure it takes a few steps, but then it wouldn’t take you more than a few minutes, so I think that should be worth it if you want to have an ad-free experience.

So anyway, if we help you out, do not forget to share this article with your miui user friends. And also, let us know in the comments if you have more suggestions. Do drop them in the comments as well as follow us on IG for more updates. 

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